“My wife and I have been pleased throughout the entire time we’ve been working with you on our estate.  Your expertise, service and enthusiasm on our and my Dad’s part are very much appreciated.  It’s a very nice feeling knowing that we’ve positioned our estate as well as possible to help our extended family in the future.  Thus, a very genuine thank you.”

- Client Sarasota, FL

“Received a call this morning from (Jane Doe) and she was very pleased with how everything was handled yesterday. As you can imagine with the markets being as volatile as they are, it is nice to get a phone call from a client complimenting you on how we took care of their issues. Especially a compliment from family, which are even harder to come by. Thanks for handling their case with such care and professionalism. I have worked with a number of attorneys, over my short ten years in the business, and can honestly say your firm stands out. Sorry it took me so long to figure that out.”

- Dave Paduch, Financial Advisor

“Joleen Searles recently completed an estate plan for one of our High Net Worth clients. She was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain everything in laymen’s terms. Based on our client’s objective’s, Joleen patiently explained all questions for our client and put together an estate plan to fit our client’s needs. The Andersen Firm is an excellent group of attorneys with an excellent knowledge base and would highly recommend them without reservation”

- Tim Colvin, Financial Advisor

“I can’t thank you enough for our meeting. I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We finally understand what our options are and have a plan going forward”

- Client Palm Beach, FL

“Mr. Andersen, from the time I met with you and your associates to form the Wyoming LLC, I instinctively knew that I was in good hands and would be well-taken care of. Your suggestion to make this Plan A, not B, was well-advised. From the onset, everyone in your firm has been very punctual and informative in all arrangements as well as double checking each and every deed descritipion to ensure that all is in order. To the others who have been involved in this process, I thank you. I have had numerous conversations and email communications with your attorneys and they provided detailed information regarding my account which has been invaluable in protecting my assets both now and in the future. Without The Andersen Firm’s expertise and patience, I would not have felt comfortable in trying to decipher the Articles of Organization which were beyond my scope of comprehension. I will certainly highly recommend your firm, without hesitation, to anyone who is in need of your wide range of services. Again, thanks to you and your team.”

- Client Knoxville, TN