Estate Settlement and Probate

At The Andersen Firm, our attorneys ensure that the process will be handled with compassion, expedience, professionalism and expertise, while protecting the rights of all parties involved.

Working closely with our skilled attorneys and experienced Settlement & Probate staff, each of our clients is given a complete overview of their loved one’s estate, the taxes and debts that may be incurred, and any portions of the estate that would require probate. Our expertise comes by having the most up-to-date information regarding estate and tax laws, and in working closely with the Trustee/Executor and heirs.

Estate Settlement

The administration of a grantor’s trust can be a complex procedure and one that may be confusing to the Trustee and beneficiaries. At The Andersen Firm, we alleviate many of the burdens that a Trustee may face by managing every facet of the administration. Our Estate Settlement (or Trust Administration) process includes filing all necessary documents, evaluating any opportunities to minimize tax liabilities, working to preserve assets, and initiating procedures to avoid any Trust Litigation.


At The Andersen Firm, we strive to create estate plans that allow our clients to avoid Probate proceedings whenever possible. Yet these matters do occasionally occur for a variety of reasons and when they do, we focus on making the experience as easy and comfortable as possible. If the circumstances surrounding a client’s estate require probate, or if a client comes to us in need of probate assistance, our attorneys offer extensive experience in handling the process and legalities involved.

Throughout the Probate period, we use our expertise to work through the Probate process while protecting the wishes of the decedent.