Estate Planning

At The Andersen Firm we have planned for a vast array of estates ranging in size from a few hundred thousand dollars to a hundred million dollars and up, all the while realizing each specific case is different and requires specialized attention.

The Revocable Living Trust (RLT) is the foundational document for most estate plans. The revocable living trust acts as a will substitute and contains instructions for managing your assets during your life and also upon death. A living trust is created during your lifetime and becomes effective immediately when you sign it.

Revocable living trusts may be used to avoid the probate process upon death. But to achieve that objective, the trust must be fully “funded” with your assets during your lifetime.

For more information on Estate Planning, please review the sections below:

  • Foundational Planning and the 7 Components of an Estate Plan That Works
  • Retirement Planning and how with proper planning the tax benefits of your retirement can extend well beyond your lifetime
  • Tax Planning and the options to handle Uncle Sam
  • Advanced Planning and the additional techniques that provide planning choices to meet clients’ goals

Once your personal situation has been examined we design and develop a strategic plan that can be updated when necessary, protect assets for children, adhere to changes in tax laws and give peace of mind.