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At The Andersen Firm, we have planned for a vast array of estates ranging in size from a few hundred thousand dollars to a hundred million dollars and up, all the while realizing each specific case is different and requires specialized attention to each client’s unique needs.

Many people think estate planning is only for “the rich.” But estate planning is for everyone who loves family and friends. Others think that it’s only about death, and therefore a negative topic. But planning is equally about keeping control of your wealth, and providing for yourself and those you love throughout your lifetime and beyond.

Still others think the whole planning topic is just too complex – and they don’t have time to figure it all out. Although there are several moving parts in the planning process, they are logically consistent with the goal of estate planning. That goal for most people is to:

  • Maintain control of what I own while I’m alive and well
  • Take care of me and my loved ones if I’m disabled
  • When I’m gone, be sure that my wealth goes to the people I want, when I want, and in the way I want
  • Accomplish all this with the least amount of stress, and in a way that will keep my family together, and not cause divisions.


  • Estate Planning

    As part of our long-term commitment to our clients, our estate planning process continues long after the paperwork has been signed. It is this highly regarded commitment and process that helps hundreds of people each year with their estates and brings clients back again and again throughout the changes in their lives.
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  • Estate Settlement & Probate

    The process of Settling or Probating an estate can be difficult and emotionally painful for the family and loved ones of the deceased.
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  • Asset Protection

    For some, putting an Asset Protection Plan in place is advisable to attempt to remove the economic incentive to be sued and also to try and increase the ability to force an early settlement in the event a suit is filed.
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  • Litigation

    Litigation matters are oftentimes life-changing events. Whether you are prosecuting an action or defending against one, the financial and related consequences of the litigation can impact your life permanently.
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  • Real Estate

    At The Andersen Firm, we possess the expertise of being able to draft and review any manner of contract relating to real estate, including but not limited to purchase and sale contracts and addenda, leases with options to purchase, stock purchase agreements, joint venture agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and business purchase agreements.